Introducing Google Boycott (beta)

I don’t get it. Everyone from Tyler Cowen to Kid Dynamite to Felix Salmon to… um… Hitler is treating the end of Google Reader as if the decision comes from God.

What are you people, sheep? Doesn’t anybody push back against corporations anymore? Quit whining and do something. Stop asking for “help replacing Google Reader” and start asking for “help replacing Google Everything”.

Speaking of which, anybody know good alternatives to GMail, Google Apps, and Google Maps? And the best way to transfer my data there?

I am completely serious. What is the best on-line petition site? “We, the undersigned, pledge never to use another Google product, ever, unless Google Reader stays alive” seems like a reasonable idea. Of course, it probably won’t work, but why not try?

And do not tell me I am being all pissy demanding free stuff. Google gives me their services; I give them my data. That’s the deal. They take away my #1 service, and…

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  • Swap Dude

    Excellent idea, but realistically I’m already inconvenienced by the murder of Reader. I have changed my default search engines to Bing and DuckDuckGo from Google. Chrome is next on my personal “Spring Cleaning” list — there are lots of good alternatives. Gmail might be harder move.

  • How can I boycott something I never use??? I do appreciate your honesty and self-knowledge, viz., “Google gives me their services; I give them my data.” Personally, I have chosen to give them as little data as possible beyond the massive quantity they acquire from my searches.

    I support the idea, but it is too limited. Why not just boycott all of Google? They are, after all, the embodiment of evil. I offer this as evidence:

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