A new record

As I write, the 10-year yield on U.S. Treasuries is at 1.91%. I believe that is an all-time record low.

It’s a good thing nothing deflationary has ever happened in U.S. history or this might be a scary statistic.

(No worries. This is probably just the smart money fleeing Europe while there still is a “Europe”.)

Wish I had time to write more. And read more. Mostly read more.

3 comments to A new record

  • snoopy

    As a numismatist, I find the idea of the Euro incredibly boring. Europe was so much more interesting with their diverse currencies.

  • Michael

    Except of course for the two bouts of deflation the US had, one in the 1870-1876, and 1930-1933. Granted, the 1870-1876 was a very prosperous bout of inflation caused by our intent to return to the gold standard.

  • JoeLeTaxi

    As a numismatist, you should soon be happy.

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