Al Jazeera gem of the day


4:15pm Gaddafi’s speech, broadcast on state television, was a phone-in affair, in which he said that like Queen Elizabeth II, he was only a symbolic leader of Libya. Gaddafi also blamed the unrest on al-Qaeda arming drugged teenagers.

He said that married people with families and good jobs weren’t participating in the protests, saying that no one over the age of 20 was involved and that “people with any brains won’t take part in these protests”.

He also said that “It’s obvious now that this issue has been lead by al-Qaeda …get control of your children, keep them at home”.

Listen for yourself.

Exactly where was Gaddafi “phoning it in” from, I wonder?

I predict “Middle Eastern Dictator” will be a popular Halloween costume this year. With a little alcohol, I think I could pull off a pretty decent Gaddafi.


The awesomeness continues.


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