In case you have only been watching U.S. news stations (where the top story is probably something about the cast of Jersey Shore), interesting things are going on in Libya. Specifically, they are bombing their own cities.

The Al Jazeera Live Blog is pretty good. Some of my favorite entries:

Feb 22

12:41am: State TV is airing “confessions” by Tunisians in Libya saying they were behind the uprising.

Feb 21

10:52pm: Two military planes reportedly land at Benghazi airfield – after their pilots refused to attack the city, our colleagues at Al Jazeera Arabic tell us.

10:49pm: Yet more airstrikes are targeting civilians, right now, in the city of Az-Zawiya- west of Tripoli, witnesses tell Al Jazeera. No news yet of numbers killed or injured.

10:11pm: Al Jazeera announces it is allowing any networks to broadcast its material due to the deliberate scrambling of its signals by Libya. During jamming, Al Jazeera English can be watched on Hotbird 13E Frequency: 11034 Vertical FEC: 3/4 Symbol rate: 27500; on Badr4/Eurobird 2 (26East) Frequency : 11680.8 Horizontal; SR: 27.5: FEC: 3/4; and on Nilesat/ Atlantic Bird4A (7West) Frequency: 11393 Vertical; SR:27.5; FEC :3/4

6:46pm: Al Jazeera, alonside specialist technical investigators, have pinpointed the source of its signal blockage to a Libyan intelligence agency building, south of the capital Tripoli. The network’s website has also been blocked in the country, with Libyan users getting the message: “File does not exist” when they try to access it.

5:37pm: At EU crisis talks in Brussels, Alexander Stubb, Finland’s foreign minister, tells Al Jazeera:

It is up to the leadership of Libya to listen to its people. And to be quite honest, listening to people does not mean you should be using a machine gun.

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