Dear Ms. Tett

Congratulations on your promotion to U.S. Managing Editor of the Financial Times.

I was reading your recent article on the inversion of the 10-year swap spread, and I could not help but notice certain similarities to Bond Girl’s piece on the same topic. Now, I never studied journalism. But I was under the impression that, if I had, then somewhere along the line I would have been taught something about citing my sources…

Of course, for all I know, maybe you are Bond Girl. You’ve got the right accent, anyway. If so, “never mind”.

While I am here, let me say “welcome” to all of our new readers. Thanks to Kevin Drum and Felix Salmon, our readership has nearly doubled in the past few weeks. The only credit I can claim is convincing Bond Girl to join me as co-blogger in January. She has brains, talent, training, and experience; while all I have is your hands and my perspective. The by-line at the top of each post will tell you who wrote it, so you can decide right away whether to read on.

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