Weekend reading

Just some links I collected over the past few months…

Worst-case debt scenario. When a research report from one of Europe’s largest banks sees fit to mention how “Spain defaulted 13 times in the Middle Ages”, you know it’s worth a peek. (Also, I did not know that the yield on 10-year Japanese government bonds “fell all the way down to 0.40% in mid-2003”.)

Related: Hugh Hendry’s November commentary. It looks like ol’ Hugh had a bad 2009. God help us all if and when his day comes.

The crisis this time. Simon Johnson’s summary of where we are headed. Click through to view his slides.

Your brain is weaker than you think. When you watch this video, be sure to notice… No, never mind; I won’t spoil it for you.

Avatar vs Pocahontas. (via John Cook)

That guy is doing trailers for his reviews.

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