Bird and Fortune on how securitization works (via Salmon).

Russia Pins Recovery Hopes On Ability To Make It Stop Snowing.

Dylan Ratigan goes ballistic on Goldman Sachs. Ratigan was one of the few CNBC personalities I actually liked. I stopped watching regularly at the same time he left. Now it looks like I may have to start watching his show on MSNBC. See also Goldman Sachs Is Robbing Us Blind.

Jansen pokes a little fun at central bank conspiracy theories.

Creepy or Vigilant? I vote “creepy”. Very, very creepy. But then my favorite book as a kid was 1984.

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  • OregonGuy

    Jansen’s editorial comments are subtly, but reliably, supportive of the status quo. His “humor” too.

  • OregonGuy

    I take back “subtle” wrt to Jansen’s editorializing. He’s in GWB-mode today.

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