Brain’s Problem-solving Function At Work When We Daydream. This is good news for me, since at least half the time I barely even know where I am.

Latvian Hookers Signal No Recovery for Economy. Some headline writer is putting that journalism degree to good use.

Five-Minute Macro. I like the “Goldfinger trade” (loving only gold and expecting Mr. Bond to die).

Recession suddenly humbles high-tech sector. “This month Ujita said they’d arranged with a church to open a new food pantry in Los Gatos, where the median income is $175,000.”

Bond market punishes companies after auto rift (via Jansen). According to this FT piece, bondholders are starting to shun debt from companies with heavily unionized workforces. Surprise!

Paper Towels

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  • fratris filia nullius

    I knew a guy in college who would keep a roll of toilet paper in his backpack for tissues. Such a guy thing, isn’t it?

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