I have been writing, just not here

One of these days, I ought to register “self-indulgent.org”. (Just kidding; I already did. I have not pointed it at anything yet, though.)

These are just a few links so I can find my own recent musings quickly. Almost all of them are comments on The Baseline Scenario, where I just cannot resist chiming in for some reason.

On “too big to fail”.

On cost/benefit analyses, the law, and regulation.

On a laughably naïve proposal for handling GM and Chrysler. Just have the government run them like, you know, businesses. Brilliant! Why didn’t I think of that?

On “green shoots”.

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  • diek

    No kidding. The downside of tenure is somebody like Susan Helper. That article was truly scary in its depth of utter cluelessness about economics, by an economics professor. OTOH, it is a good bet to do the opposite of what economics professors say, so there is some value in their opinions.

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