My 15 minutes are over

(This post is for myself. Well, I suppose they are all for myself, but you know what I mean.)

It started with a Twat (or whatever it’s called) from the Baseline Scenario. I assume that is where Felix Salmon picked it up, which was followed by Tyler Cowen.

Then it was Krugman, twice. That made my server and Internet connection slow, but I thought they would make it…

…until Andrew Sullivan brought the site down. I was actually shut out of my own blog.

The traffic is subsiding now, but for a while I was getting more hits every hour than in the entire previous year combined. It made me really nervous. I started to feel embarrassed by all of my half-informed fully-unhinged rants, but then I realized that is stupid, because the whole point of using a pseudonym is that I never have to feel embarrassed.

So enough self-indulgent introspection. Time to look forward.

…although if I ever referred to Prof. Krugman as a “partisan hack” or similar, I hereby take it back.

4 comments to My 15 minutes are over

  • Congrats, Nemo. You’ve come a long way from a backbencher @ Calculated Risk.

    I would put your post easily in the top 10 percentile of what anyone in the media had to say about the plan. I am so tired of mindless cynicism. You had a good point, fleshed it out with a numeric example, and added some insight to the complex situation.

    I can’t read the comments anymore on CR or now, Naked Capitalism because they are so predictable and dogmatic.

    I don’t know if you use google analytics, but it would be fun to see where the zillion hits came from.

  • grr

    CapVandal’s thoughts seconded.

    For people like me who think the debate should be about who eats the losses and how much of them, and not about mob justice and morality play, your posts on this have been very helpful and have kept the discussion sane. Numbers are very important here.

    Prices are set at the margin.

    grr / babar

  • spinozapixel

    And to think I knew you when you were just a wee curmudgeon…

  • msaroff

    Had a similar experience when Ramesh Ponnuru (correctly) called me for a joke I made.

    Didn’t take the page down, but I got a lot of people calling me a jerk….Which happens in meat space too.

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