Ponzi: SEC Charges Stanford with $8 billion securities fraud.  Federal marshals raiding the Houston offices now.  Something about CDs yielding 10%.  Is this the episode where Ponzi jumps the shark?  But seriously.  $8 billion.  Seriously?  Remind me again why the SEC exists.  Oh, right, to make sure U.S. markets are the most transparent and well-regulated in the world.

Failure to save East Europe will lead to worldwide meltdown.  Oh, Ambrose.  Too many great quotes to excerpt, so just read it.

Finally, for something completely different: The No-Stats All-Star.  Again, there is too much good stuff here to excerpt.  I do not really follow professional sports, but this article makes me want to start.  It’s about a basketball player who somehow makes his own team play better and the other team play worse, but not in any obvious way, even to experts.  Highly recommended.  (Thanks cjc)

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  • Unpalatable

    Good day to watch the news ticker. Looks like the financial tsunami of October, 2008 all over again. I’m feeling nostaligic.

    PBS’s Frontline “looks back” at the weekend Lehman Bros. died and Paulson & Co. went crawling on their knees to Pelosi’s Gang. If the newspapers are the first draft of history, what does that make this TV program? My second drafts never look close to the final product.

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