Sunday night links

Milton Friedman’s co-author. Anna Schwartz, gave an interview to the WSJ.  I just like the idea of a 92-year-old woman in a wheelchair smacking Ben Bernanke around a bit.

The Baseline Scenario sounds concerned about various emerging markets.

First, according to Satyajit Das on Planet Money, Iceland’s stock market has lost 80% of its value, its currency has lost 95% of its value, and people are beginning to wonder if the country will have enough foreign currency to import enough food.

It gets better from there.

The Netherlands has injected $13.4 billion into ING.  LOLFed coverage:

Lest you think they’re really suffering, all of this came about because the company posted its first quarterly loss in 50 years, on writedowns and losses of a whopping 2 billion euros.  ING, please.  Citigroup writes down more than that before Vikram Pandit finishes his Cocoa Puffs and they went an entire year of losses before they went asking for money.

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