Statement by President Donald J. Trump, Friday, July 6, 2018

My fellow Americans:

Our nation remains in a state of shock over Wednesday’s horrifying, horrifying attacks. We again offer our deepest sympathies to the families of the victims at this time of unimaginable grief.

But as our shock and horror turns into anger and determination, we know that we owe these families more than our sympathies.

Since my first days in office, I have issued many Executive Orders related to immigration and national security. Several of these Orders were blocked by the decisions of activist liberal judges. A few of those decisions were ultimately upheld, in part, by the Supreme Court in votes as close as 4-to-4. 4-to-4! Split decision.

The investigation of Wednesday’s attacks is still ongoing. But it is already clear that the attackers never should have been allowed into the United States. In fact, had my Executive Orders been in full force, this atrocity would not have happened and those children would be alive today. Alive! Right now.

Now, I have the greatest respect for our Judiciary. No one respects our Judiciary more than I do, believe me. But their first duty, like mine, is to protect the rights and lives of American citizens. American citizens, first and foremost. Some judges have forgotten this duty. I have not.

Therefore, effective immediately, I am reinstating and expanding all of my previous Executive Orders regarding immigration and national security. I am directing all federal agencies to ignore any ruling by any court — any court — that blocks, delays, or interferes with these Orders in any way.

I do not take this action lightly. I fully understand the gravity of this situation, both for our government and for me personally. But I can not — I will not — allow our children to be sacrificed on the altar of globalism. I will not allow our citizens to remain in danger because a few activist judges think the so-called “rights” of non-citizen terrorists are more important than our children’s lives. Can’t allow it. Not on my watch.

In addition, I call on all members of Congress — especially those up for re-election this year — to state publicly and clearly where they stand on this issue. The American people have a right to know, and they have a right to express their own views loud and clear at the ballot box in November.

This is it, folks. The security and future of our country is at stake.

May God bless you, and may God bless these United States of America.

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  • willdshi

    I’ve generally enjoyed reading your blog and can appreciate conservative politics when founded upon principles that I can understand. But I do not agree with this post.

    1) Do you really think such a policy is efficacious? What about taking into consideration the damage to international relationships from such a nationalistic stance?
    2) Do you actually think the incidence of terrorism is much higher with middle eastern nationalities than it is with others? It appears you live in the northeast. Surely you must have many friends of these nationalities as well as those who disagree with you on this topic.
    3) Even if there’s a small chance that you may stop 1 additional terror attack, does that justify the havoc you wreak on innocent people’s lives, ripping people out of their lives and families? These are Americans, and just as human as you and I. And these are the people who bear the brunt of these policies.

    In general, I find it hard to believe that reasonable people would espouse such nationalistic views which are spreading around the globe. Advocating for better safety standards is one thing, but trade protectionism and antagonizing international partners seems to serve no purpose.

  • It rings so true. We don’t know which step history will see as Crossing the Rubicon.

    We should make plans for every contengency right now, before some huge tragedy. Do we want to give up our Constitution? Maybe people do. But we should decide now, not when we’re upset. We wait until something bad happens in then opportunists say “sweep it all up,” this is our big chance to have gov’t do things we always wanted to but that people wouldn’t agree to with cool heads.

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