More election musings

A little closer to the bottom of the barrel…

  • Trump has shattered not one but both major parties. Looking forward to the internecine fighting.
  • Mike Pence is going to be the most powerful VP since… Dick Cheney, I guess. Trump has essentially zero knowledge about the mechanics of government and legislation. Pence has been both a Congressman and a governor. Trump will set the direction (CEO), but the operations of the Trump Administration will fall to Pence (COO). I hope you like him.
  • Trump should use reality TV contests to select his cabinet.

    You know, I would actually watch that for Defense, State, and maybe AG.
  • I am not sure whether Bernie could have defeated Trump. But I think Biden would have. (Hillary had the union bosses but lost the men on the factory floor. Biden would have had both, and when combined with the Dem machine, that would have been enough.)
  • More people are protesting Trump’s victory than attended Hillary’s rallies.
  • There is going to be a Donald Trump Presidential Library.
  • “Great Again Dot Gov” LOL
  • So when does Trump TV launch?

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