Election musings…

…in no particular order.

  • I wonder how much Hillary will be paid for her next speech.
  • Can we please stop with the SHE WON THE POPULAR VOTE thing? If we had a popular vote system, (a) the candidates would campaign differently and (b) Republicans in states like CA and NY would actually have a reason to vote. This is like losing a football game and then shrieking BUT WE GOT MORE RUSHING YARDS. It is just embarrassing; or, in the modern vernacular, sad!
  • Speaking of the Electoral College, our system does not allow you to become President by appealing only to the population centers. This is by design, it has always been true, and (let us hope) it always will be.
  • Huma Abedin is having a pretty bad year.
  • I have been anticipating a Hillary Presidency since the first time I saw her on the national stage in 1993. I thought it was inevitable. I knew — knew! — that somewhere in my future lay eight years of that person holding the reigns of power. I even donated to Lazio’s 2000 Senate campaign in a futile effort to slow her down.
    Having a confidently-held 23-year-old belief ripped from you is an interesting (and yuge!) experience. Hillary Rodham Clinton… will never be President. I am still trying to wrap my head around it.
  • Live by Executive Order; die by Executive Order. Perhaps you should have used the Legislature to legislate?
  • When I first heard about Trump’s campaign, I thought he was an idiot and his candidacy a stunt. Over the course of the primaries, I was forced to update my priors. I figured out sooner than most — though later than some — just how (bigly!) wrong I was.
    I now realize I am not smart enough to understand Donald Trump. If you believe a buffoon has somehow managed to stumble into the Presidency Chauncey Gardner style, you are letting the wrong people give you your opinions.
  • Live by the Supreme Court; die by the Supreme Court. Perhaps you should have used the Legislature to legislate?
  • In her concession speech, Hillary mentioned people who had donated money to her campaign, “as little as $5”. She forgot to mention the people who donated as much as $20 million. They spent a billion dollars trying to drag her across the finish line.
    All of those donors, all of the global banks and foreign governments… The return on their investment is going to be zero. This is probably my single favorite thing about this election.
  • Trump is more likely to pardon Hillary than to prosecute her.

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