Trump, of course

Frankly, I do not understand why anyone other than cat ladies and doughy beta males would vote for anyone else.

OK OK I exaggerate. And anyway I would likely support anyone running against Hillary.

But I really am voting for The Donald with enthusiasm, and I want to take a moment to explain why.

Back in college, I had a buddy who annoyed literally everyone. And I do not mean that in some boring, passive way; this guy was smart, and he carefully honed his skill. He had a preternatural ability to determine how best to irritate you at any moment, and he would deliberately do precisely that, repeatedly.

At first I found him… well, annoying. But over time, I recognized that there are a lot more other people in the world than there are of me. Being the occasional target of his talent was more than repaid by watching his effect on friends (funny) and adversaries (hilarious).

Granted, the current topic is Donald Trump and the Presidency of the United States. But if the last 16 years have demonstrated anything, it is that there is no such thing as “qualifications for the office of President”. Actually, Trump is more qualified than most, at least in the ways that matter. For example, imagine making a list of great Presidents and another list of Presidents who were policy wonks. How much overlap would you find?

Not that I mind (most of) Trump’s policies. To take one example: I vastly prefer the general notion of “kill people who are trying to kill you; otherwise, mind your own business” versus the Bush/Obama/Hillary/etc. modality of nation building / regime change / coup instigation. I am the first to admit that I am no expert on foreign policy. But that is kind of the point; such experts do not have a particularly stellar track record. Competence leading to overconfidence is perhaps the most human of all failings. Unlike most endeavors, however, foreign policy is one where overeducated a**holes playing God have a tendency to leave piles of bodies in their wake. Simply put, Hillary is obviously more likely to get us into a war.

Back to that college buddy. Of course I do not like everything about Donald Trump. (I mean, come on…) But the damage he would or could do to things that I like is vastly outweighed by the damage he would do to things that I hate, e.g. this. The Democratic establishment hates him, the Republican establishment hates him, Wall Street hates him, Hollywood hates him… This election season has exposed the deep irony of our ruling political party, donor class, and press acting as a single entity while labeling the opposition “fascist”. Seeing all of them react to a President Trump would be… hilarious.

So, yes, the enemy of my enemy is not my friend. But he will do.

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