A little FBI narrative

Quick little speculation before it all becomes history…

Comey’s letter was an extraordinary event. He is a smart guy, so he must have had an extraordinary reason. Sure, maybe he is just trying to sway the election. But (a) that would be counter to every aspect of his reputation and track record; and (b) he could have done it more effectively (and less suspiciously) simply by referring the case for prosecution back in July.

This is an interesting observation:

He is right. The Weiner investigation is being conducted by the local DoJ (including FBI) in New York, not by the home office in Washington.

So how about this for a narrative. In the process of investigating Carlos Danger’s perversions, they combed through a computer he shared with Huma and found… something. At least a few of these local agents and attorneys are career law enforcement types, not politicized strivers, and they are outside the… um… let’s say “environment” of D.C.

They have seen whatever the “something” is, and had Comey not made some public statement, they would have.

I do not know whether this narrative is true. But it seems to fit all the available facts.

Is the “something” actually nothing?

Hillary, Obama, and Biden have canceled all campaign appearances until election day.

Huma is in tears.

Sure, probably nothing.

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  • vak

    The events are not marked as canceled on her website [https://hillaryspeeches.com/scheduled-events/].
    It is open to debate as to whether HA is in tears on that pic. It’s a hard call. I would stick to facts (facts are self-evident).

  • Nemo

    Yes, I should have verified the event cancellations. Mea culpa.

    The Huma image is real, and I think it speaks for itself.

    Perhaps Comey can do as Biden asks and “release the Emails for the whole world to see”? Everyone knows full well that will not happen… including Biden. So why say it?

    Time will tell.

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