Hillary (1)

I read with some amusement the Boston Globe’s endorsement of Hillary Clinton. You would think a 1000-word endorsement by a major newspaper touting someone’s “experience” and “seasoning” would mention one or more of her accomplishments. Things she has actually, you know, done.

The New York Times endorsement makes an attempt, which winds up being even more funny. She “brought star power” to the Department of State! She “helped make it possible” (for her successor) “to impose tougher sanctions on Iran”! (Whatever that means.) She “worked to expand and deepen the dialogue with China”!

But flying around the world on the taxpayer’s dime is not an achievement. Talking is not an achievement. Giving speeches to Goldman Sachs for $300,000 is not an achievement.

Intellectually honest liberals know that she is corrupt. They know her chief accomplishment as Secretary of State was to ruin the Middle East. Further ruin, I mean. Remind me again, how is Libya doing? (Of course, this might be no accident. Perhaps there is some nation, somewhere, in whose interest it is to have the bulk of the Middle East be a sea of ungovernable anarchic clusterf*cks? Just not the U.S.)

These endorsements say so much more about the Globe and Times editorial boards than they do about Hillary Clinton. It is frankly refreshing to have it be so blatant.

That said, I am pretty sure she will win the nomination and the Presidency for the simple reason that Goldman Sachs needs a return on their investment.

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