Au revoir, Bond Girl

I have lost my co-blogger.

Over the next few days, I will be removing her posts from this blog. I have already removed her contact information from the sidebar.

Q: “Why?”

A: Because she asked me to.

Q: “Why did she do that?”

A: I will not answer. I am not going to release any of our private correspondence, and I am certainly not going to put words in her mouth. So, seriously, don’t ask.

For my part, I am sorry to see her go. I have the deepest respect and appreciation for her on both a personal and a… whatever-co-blogging-is-al… level. She single-handedly increased my readership by a factor of #DIV/0!. Speaking of which, you should all unsubscribe now.

I honestly believe her decision was dictated by her conscience and her reason, just as my actions are dictated by mine.

I would welcome her back any time.

I will leave her posts up for a few days so readers can save copies of their favorites. Her Email address will continue to work until she asks me to shut it down.

8 comments to Au revoir, Bond Girl

  • max

    Sorry to see that. FWIW, I don’t think she’s alone in confusing the medium with the message. Ironic coming from a founder of Zero Hedge and a big government critic.

  • fudge_hend

    Not sure if Bond Girl will be reading any comments but I wanted to just say thank you for all of the insightful and excellent information you’ve shared. My knowledge has been expanded exponentially by having the opportunity to read what you have been willing to post.

    The same goes to you as well Nemo; please keep writing it is appreciated.

    Back to lurking where I belong with the other Morlocks…

  • jpm

    Sorry to see her go.
    I have to say though: Kind of an empty action, no? I’m gonna assume that Bond Girl knows about

  • max, I’m totally unclear on your message. How does Snowden or Zero Hedge relate to munilass leaving this blog?

    fudge_hend: +1

  • Nemo

    I believe Max is confusing her with “Equity Private” aka. “Marla Singer”. Bond Girl never had any association with Zero Hedge whatsoever.

  • Nemo: I should think not. Thanks.

  • I would be willing to host her pieces at Aleph Blog, Nemo. I made that offer to her on Twitter, but got no reply, at least, that I saw.

    FWIW, David

  • lockedmarket

    sorry to see you go…especially as the soap opera surrounding the enchanted isle of PR becomes so very interesting.

    hoping for the best for you. your insight and candor will be missed greatly.

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