Can’t say I blame him

Japan finance minister denies he was drunk at G-7

He said he may have taken too much medicine, including cold medicine: “That is the fact, and I am sorry about it.”


Given that Japanese GDP shrank 12.7% annualized in Q4, I think we can cut the finance minister some slack. Of course, we all […]

Random links

700 Merrill employees received $1 million+ bonuses.

Fugitive financier arrested at U.S. border. Caught with $70,000 stuffed in his cowboy boots. No, really.

Joaquin Phoenix on Letterman, but only in a physical sense.

Yen from Heaven

via LOLFed

The Japanese businessman who was arrested last week for allegedly operating a massive Ponzi scheme attracted tens of thousands of members by pitching an electronic currency that he said would double in value each year and help eliminate poverty, according to Japanese media reports and lawyers for alleged victims.

Exercise for the reader: […]

Checkity-check yourself

This is either the most awesome or the most pathetic thing I have ever seen. I can’t decide.

Bailing Out Bankers is Bad for Wealth

Trust the inflation. The inflation is your friend.

Via LOLFed, an hilarious video explaining why inflation makes a country strong.

Greg Mankiw — who is considered a conservative — says much the same thing, so maybe it is not so hilarious after all.

The abandonment of “price stability” would be the modern equivalent of Roosevelt’s abandoning the gold standard. Of all the things […]

Rod Blagojevich vs. Tony Soprano

A little quiz:

Who (allegedly) said it?

“Just give us the money”

Willem Buiter outdoes himself. See if you can guess where this is going.

My wife and I are the proud owners of all the common stock in a small company, created originally as a vehicle for supplying consultancy services. Because we are both US citizens, the company is registered both in the US and in […]

“Show of Hands”

Pretty much sums it up.


Senate cancels vote on “doomed” auto bail-out.

Wonder if the private jet story had anything to do with it.

What the heck is “Corinthian Leather”, anyway?

Enh, just look it up on Wikipedia.

So, since there is nothing important in the news these days, I thought I would do an “apropos of nothing” post.

Watch the original.

Watch the remake.

(Hat tip to the denizens of Calculated Risk.)

Charlie Gasparino: CNBC at its finest

Dylan asked me what have I got But I was high I said I don’t got what I got Because I was high Gonna have to shoot to the capitalist system And I know why Because I got high Because I got high Because I got high

Or maybe just drunk.

Actually, this […]