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Will It Blend? Vuvuzela

The financial crisis from a Marxist perspective. It is a little scary how much of this I agree with.

Turning a sphere inside out, Part 1 and Part 2 (via John Cook).

Klein bottle opener (also via John Cook)


World hunger and the locavores. Felix Salmon has been doing some excellent reporting from Davos.

Charles Biderman accuses the government of having a hedge fund at Area 51, or something.

How to report the news (via Salmon).

Goldman Trader Shares Three Big Ideas With Lloyd (h/t Bond Girl). Today’s must-read.


Re-imagining, cont.

And now for something completely different.

Ever since Jansen went dark, I have missed hearing a voice in the blogosphere with actual bond market expertise. Sure, the financial system has calmed itself. But I do not expect that to last.

On the other hand, my real job is consuming an ever larger portion of my […]

self-evident “re-imagined”

One of my New Year’s resolutions is to resuscitate this blog. I figured a redesign will help to commit me. Because I really should be committed…

New virtual server, new version of Ubuntu, new version of WordPress, yadda yadda. Also using the Atahualpa theme, which is actually a fairly impressive piece of work. (I think […]

Who is Number One?

In my humble opinion, The Prisoner is, by far, the greatest television series of all time. (I almost chose “Number Six” as my pseudonym.)

The “re-imagining” starts tonight on AMC. Judging by the trailer, I suspect the children who wrote the script completely missed the point of the original series.

But even though I expect […]


Eclectica Fund Market Update. We are overdue for a Hugh Hendry appearance on CNBC Europe.

Wow, AT&T Predicted The Future in 1993. I actually remember these ads. My favorite comment on this video is, “What’s a phone booth?”

With Recruiting Goals Exceeded, Marines Toughen Their Ad Pitch. “The advertisement shows men crawling through mud and […]


The Netflix prize has been won (Marginal Revolution).

Regulation and Distrust (Marginal Revolution again). Excerpt:

Thus, societies with a lot of distrust generate regulation and corruption and citizens who don’t have the skills or preferences to break out of the distrust equilibrium. Consider, for example, that in societies with a lot of distrust parents are […]

Link dump

Tab bar getting crowded.

Suitcase With $134 Billion Puts Dollar on Edge (Bloomberg). For the record, I think the bonds are fake. But even so, it sure would be nice to hear the whole story.

BofE’s Mervyn King : No Bank should be too big to fail (Calculated Risk). Go Mervyn! Can we make this […]

Sunday links

Global Crisis And Reform: Starting A Long Journey (Baseline Scenario)

Think of it this way. The United States has done well over the past 200 years or so because it was founded with strong institutions – rules and laws that mean we’re protected against government or powerful elites becoming too powerful – and over time […]