Air Quality Part 2: The Dylos DC1100 Pro

The first gadget I purchased was this bad boy, the Dylos DC1100 Pro:

If I could have just one device for measuring air quality, this… Well, this would not be it. It does not measure CO2. It does not measure humidity. It does not measure temperature. It does not have a Web server […]

Air Quality Part 1: Introduction

(related video)

When Northern California was burning, and I saw articles about the Bay Area’s air quality being “worse then Beijing”, I started to wonder… What does that mean? How is it measured? Can I measure it myself? Can I mitigate it?

This will be a short series of posts to do a brain dump […]

Introducing Google Boycott (beta)

I don’t get it. Everyone from Tyler Cowen to Kid Dynamite to Felix Salmon to… um… Hitler is treating the end of Google Reader as if the decision comes from God.

What are you people, sheep? Doesn’t anybody push back against corporations anymore? Quit whining and do something. Stop asking for “help replacing Google Reader” […]

New Year’s Resolutions

Some trivial, some mutually contradictory.

Waste less time Write more often Exceed 30k rep on StackOverflow Read the Aubrey-Maturin series Bike more often Follow @SanJoseTrails Reconnect with various people

Wasteland 2

This is one of the more interesting applications of the Internet I have seen.

I do not have much time for computer games. But I used to. In the late 80s, a buddy and I spent many, many hours playing Wasteland on his Commodore 64.

Wasteland is one of the two best computer games I […]

The end of the Space Age

I grew up in the shadow of Apollo.

Like all American boys at the time, I wanted to be an astronaut. I was hypnotized by anything to do with space exploration, whether science fact or science fiction. Although I never really thought of it as fiction. Not that I believed the Enterprise or Moonbase Alpha […]


In case you have only been watching U.S. news stations (where the top story is probably something about the cast of Jersey Shore), interesting things are going on in Libya. Specifically, they are bombing their own cities.

The Al Jazeera Live Blog is pretty good. Some of my favorite entries:

Feb 22

12:41am: State TV […]


This is amazing. If I did not see it, I would have said it was impossible. Browse IBM’s pages for more.

Beating Ken Jennings at Jeopardy is simply an incredible achievement, far beyond beating Kasparov at chess.

The full games will air Feb 14th – 16th. I hope they made it sing “Daisy Bell” if […]

Gone fishin’

OK so there’s a fair amount of nonsense in my last couple of posts. (Although I believe the conclusion is still correct.)

But I am about to embark on a much-needed vacation, so I will not have time to post a correction until Wednesday or thereabouts.

Happy Labor Day.

Link dump

“The government does not do enough to promote disease.” A great article pointing out the difference between cost and value (via Naked Capitalism). Of course, this is just a modern take on the Broken Window Fallacy, but it is still worth keeping in mind. Always.

Huxley vs. Orwell (via John Cook). Do not miss. Related: […]